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Results - Let's Talk Transport

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the Let’s Talk Transport survey during summer last year - 4817 surveys were completed by residents of North Yorkshire. You can find out more about the results on our Commonplace Let's Talk Transport results page.

You told us about your transport habits and how you might like to travel in future, to help inform the next Local Transport Plan.

You can read a summary of the first stage of the engagement on the North Yorkshire Council website.

This report outlines what you told us as part of this initial conversation:

• There are low levels of satisfaction with the current transport system in North Yorkshire

• Availability and reliability of travel, affordability, road safety and impact of transport on climate

changes are of most concern

• Measures to encourage more use of public transport and more walking and cycling, and traffic

and highway infrastructure are seen as being most effective in tackling transport issues

• There are important differences in results and feedback across the county.

The information you provided will help shape the first draft of the strategic transport plan, which will then be shared as part of a formal consultation.

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Posted on 9th February 2024

by Let's Talk Team