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Let's Talk Transport

North Yorkshire Council (NYC) wants to know about how you travel in North Yorkshire and the issues that you face, to help inform the new Local Transport Plan (LTP) for the county. This is a landmark document that will guide our future approach to all forms of transport.

Our current plan needs updating because the way people travel has changed since the Covid 19 pandemic, government policy has shifted, and electric vehicles have become more popular.

As part of last year’s Let’s Talk North Yorkshire conversations, you also told us that public transport is a top priority – we’ve reviewed your feedback and now we want to ask you more about your travel habits. This survey is a way for NYC to listen to your views and experiences - it is the starting point in a conversation with you, to help inform the new Local Transport Plan.

  • If you are under 13, we’d love to hear from you, but we’ll need to send you a paper survey to fill in – please ask a teacher or your guardian to contact letstalk@northyorks.gov.uk
  • If you are aged 13-16 – please fill in the survey, but please ask your guardian before you share your email address with Commonplace or any of your personal details – you can still fill in the survey without giving Commonplace your details.
  • If you are 16 or over, you can fill in the survey and give Commonplace your email address and details, or if you would prefer not to, you can still fill in the survey and leave them blank.


We know that the covid pandemic has meant some people started to work from home more often, and some still do. We also know that some people reduced the number of vehicles in their household, or that they now walk more. There are various reasons for past, current and future changes in people’s travel habits including the cost of living crisis and concerns about the impacts of travel on climate change.

Please tell us about this to help us to understand changes to your habits as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, cost of living crisis and the impacts of travel on climate change.


In this section we want to find out your opinion on how effective certain measures and initiatives will be in tackling transport issues in North Yorkshire. Please read about the measures and then answer the question below.

Measures to encourage more walking and cycling – these include more secure cycle storage, dedicated or safer cycle routes, more cycle training, loans to purchase bikes/e-bikes, safer or easier crossing points and better lighting on walking routes, or dedicated walking routes away from busy roads. 

Measures to encourage more use of public transport – these include improvements to the reliability, frequency and coverage of bus services, better quality or electric buses, cheaper fares and more flexible ticketing, bus priority lanes and park and ride schemes, school bus services. 

Traffic and highway infrastructure improvements – these include more electric vehicle charging points, car sharing schemes, more resident parking zones, more road resurfacing and repair schemes, better co-ordination of road works, setting up low emission zones, reviewing town centre parking spaces and parking charges or vehicle access to town centres.

Measures that cut travel altogether and offer alternatives – these include better broadband and more flexibility from employers to enable more working from home, maximising use of local community facilities and a better range of shops and services near where I live. 

Measures to promote electric vehicles – creating a network of electric vehicle chargers.

Measures to discourage car use – these include travel information, travel plans for businesses and new housing developments.

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