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Have your say before 23 December

North Yorkshire’s biggest conversation, Let’s Talk, comes to a close this month, with just nine days left for you to have your say on important topics. The new North Yorkshire Council will launch on 1 April, formed of the current county council and seven district and borough councils, and we want to find out which topics matter most to you and what your priorities are.

Let’s Talk Local

The new council will be the geographically largest council in England, but it’s being built with local at the heart of everything it will do. Tell us your views on what makes a good place to live, what you like about your local area, and what you think of our proposals for community networks.

If you haven’t already taken part in Let’s Talk Local, have your say now.

Let’s Talk Money

The new North Yorkshire council will deliver services including waste collection, transport, planning, community safety, leisure and many more. Council tax is now the most important source of funding for the council, and each one per cent increase would raise £4m towards meeting rising costs and demand.

We’re asking you which services are most important to you before the new council's budget is agreed, what you think about council tax, and your ideas for savings.

If you haven’t already taken part in Let’s Talk Money, have your say now.

Don’t miss your chance to have your say – take part before 23 December.

Posted on 14th December 2022

by Let’s Talk Team